Best Portable Hand Blender – Buying Guide

Many people would love to own the best portable hand blender in the market. This would allow them make smooth puddings, rich gravies as well as creamy soups with ease and convenience. It would also make a meal or dessert more appealing and appetizing. Unfortunately, making the right choice is never easy especially nowadays where all kinds of blenders can be found in the market. To choose the correct type of portable hand blender it is helpful to think of the following factors:

Good Consistency & Versatility

The secret to having creamy soap, rich gravy, or tangy tomato sauce lies in the consistency used in making the sauce , cream or soup. A blender that comes with a powerful motor is able to maintain its motion and whirling action regardless of the thickness or lightness of the sauce or gravy. However, a weak motor will turn much slower when immersed in thick or heavy sauce. The best immersion blender will have a motor that delivers at least 220watts of power.

Ease of Cleaning

When choosing a stick or portable blender it is paramount to thick about the ease of cleaning. The last thing you wish for is using a dirty or sticky device simply because you were unable to reach certain parts. Also, you want to be sure of safety and hygiene of the blender after cleaning it. It is advisable to go for a detachable blender whose parts can be pulled off for better cleaning. The material as well as design should also be easy to clean.

Type of Use

When looking for the best portable hand blender it is necessary to know how you will be using the accessory. Are you going to be making soups, gravies, or creams for a large number of people or a small group? Will you use it at home or in a restaurant? And how often will you be using the appliance? For intensive or continuous application it is better to go for commercial blenders. They are more powerful and can run for long durations.

Convenience & Portability

The idea behind a portable blender is to ease the process of making creamy soups, rich gravy, tangy sauces and more. The right accessory is light and compact thereby improving portability. Battery operated are among the most portable and offer the best convenience. They can be used virtually anywhere both indoors as well as outdoors as they are not limited by wires or cords. However, they fall short in terms of power and there is a risk of forgetting to charge it after use.

Focusing on the above issues helps a buyer find the best immersion blender within a short time. The proper gadget will be small, light and compact hence can be used in any application and also for small quantities. It delivers ample power that creates the right whirl or vortex thereby creating the right consistency. In addition to being suited for the particular application whether domestic or commercial, the best portable hand blenders are easy to clean and maintain. They feature a user-friendly design and can be detached easily.

Most important things to be considered while choosing coolest gadgets

Gadgets have become an integral part of modern life. Nobody can think of a life without computers, smart phones and other portable devices these days and if anyone wants to make his/her life comfortable and successful, he/she needs to choose the coolest gadgets available in the market. Since there are plenty of choices available, choosing the best one has become an exceedingly difficult job and here are the most important things that people need to consider while choosing the best, cool gadget:

Identify one’s own exact requirements

If people want to purchase a gadget for themselves, they should be mindful about a few aspects. It does not matter whether a person wants to purchase a gadget of any nature; the device must go in complete harmony with his/her exclusive requirements. Identifying the requirements is the first step towards selecting the best device and there is no point in choosing a gadget that one does not really need.

Buying gadgets for dear and near ones

If people are not buying for themselves, they should consider the taste and attitude of the person for whom they are purchasing the product. Purchasing an electric shaver for a 6 year old girl lacks sense and many people commit these types of mistakes. First of all, one should know what kind of a person he/she is and then decide about the product to be purchased. It is always advisable to find out his/her hobbies before arriving at a decision. For example; if a person loves gardening, an electronic singing flower is a good choice and for such people, offering other cool gadgets related with gardening always makes sense.

Assess the technology

When a person decides to select an electronic gadget, he/she should never underestimate the importance of technology. Technology employed in these devices always changes and people should always update themselves with the latest developments in technology world. In this digital world; it is not the size of the gadget that matters but the technology decides the usability of a device and people should always be mindful about this important aspect.

Compare the price

Another major factor that should be given utmost importance is the price of the coolest gadgets and the price of different items needs to be compared in a detailed manner. People should decide whether the price of the gadget goes in complete harmony with their budget and it can always be described as a very important factor.

Personalize the gadget

A cool gadget can always be personalized to make it more appealing and memorable. Painting or sticking the name of the recipient makes the gift all the more special and such a method of approach clearly reflects the care and affection of the giver towards the recipient.


Life has become extremely fast paced and living without gadgets has become an impossible task these days. It does not matter whether a person is purchasing a gadget for himself/herself or for someone else; he/she should consider the most suitable one that goes well with unique requirements of the recipient and the price needs to be considered with the proper attention it deserves.


This article talks about how to choose the coolest gadgets and it also talks about the important things to be considered while selecting such devices.